Beaver Community Fair

Serving Snyder County and surrounding communities, the Beaver Community Fair is a real country fair that celebrates the best of country living. The fair has over 6,000 exhibits on display.  They include crafts, art, photography, textiles, baked and canned goods, plants, crops, vegetables, educational displays, animals, and antique farm machinery. This is the place to bring your family to experience the agricultural heritage we showcase, meet up with old friends, meet new people and make new memories!

Beaver Community Fair

     Spring Pulls  May 9th & 10th

  Friday May 9th at 6:30 PM

2 classes of 1,050lbs. Lawn stock Pace

2 classes of 1,050lbs. Lawn stock No Pace

2 classes of 1,050lbs. Mod. stock

2 classes of 1,050lbs. Pro stock

Top number of finishing tractors from each Lawn stock pace and No pace classes will move into a Third pull paying $50.00 to first place in Pace and No pace class.

Saturday May 10th at 6:30 PM

6,000 – 7,000 – 8,500 – 10,000  OPEN / Modified, Pro-Stock & Super Stock Tractors

11,000  Hot stock (2 hooks – 1 hook S/C points)

13,000 Off the farm / No pace - S/C Points

8,200 4X4 street Mod. Diesel ( 2 Hooks)

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